Study of Logo

The logo makes you immediately recognizable. Be aware of the effectiveness of yours, it must convey the essence and the core meaning of your business to the customer. I can help you design a logo that reflects your thoughts in a stylish way.

Liquori La Credenza della Nonna

Brand vectorial restyling with a new identity and a graphic image reflecting the style followed by the company.

Turn It Green Blog

This blog wants to understand which are the main consequences and results determined by the eco-responsible choices under the economic and innovative growth poin of view.

Theatron 2.0

Theatron 2.0 is a cultural company composed by creatives and professionals, specialized in several live-show business sectors.
It develops projects promoting Theater performing arts, paying a special attention to the new technology.

Compagnia Anonymous

The company’s goal is to tell original and impressive stories, written by Sebastiano Bazzichi, involving realistic characters who mirror the audience’s main attitudes. They want people to think about the message they aimto convey, making easier spreading culture through entertainment.


Thanks to the tailoring attitude, she creates masks, birth flakes and fabric decorations. Looking for accurate details and caring for customizations are the main features of Criicrea creations.


Cilento Holiday is a project born by passinate young guys from Cilento, in order to enhance the territory value sharing experiences each others.

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